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ENiGMA½ is a modern BBS software with a nostalgic flair!

  • Multi platform: Anywhere Node.js runs, ENiGMA½ works – Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OS X and Windows
  • Message networks with FidoNet Type Network (FTN) + BinkleyTerm Style Outbound (BSO) message import/export
  • Gazelle inspired File Bases including indexed full text search (FTS), hashtags, and HTTP(S) temporary download URLs using a built in web server. Legacy X/Y/Z modem also supported!
  • Door support including common dropfile formats for legacy DOS doors. Built in BBSLink, DoorParty, Exodus and CombatNet support!
  • Unlimited multi node support (for all those BBS “callers”!)
  • Highly customizable via HJSON based configuration, menus, and themes in addition to JavaScript based mods.
  • MCI support for lightbars, toggles, input areas, and so on plus many other other bells and whistles.
  • Telnet, SSH, and both secure and non-secure WebSocket access built in! Additional servers are easy to implement!
  • CP437 and UTF-8 output.
  • SyncTerm style font and baud emulation support. Display PC/DOS and Amiga style artwork as it’s intended! In general, ANSI-BBS / cterm.txt / bansi.txt are followed for expected BBS behavior.
  • Full SAUCE support
  • Renegade style pipe color codes
  • SQLite storage of users, message areas, and so on
  • Strong PBKDF2 backed password encryption
  • Bunyan logging
  • Upload processor supporting FILE_ID.DIZ and NFO extraction, year estimation, and more!
  • ANSI support in the Full Screen Editor (FSE), file descriptions, and so on.

It is developed by NuSkooler (Bryan Ashby) and is available on GitHub under a BSD 2-Clause license.

Here are a few screenshots of customized boards and their connection info …

force9 System Stats
force9 @ telnet://


Xibalba Main Menu
Xibalba @ ssh://


Xibalba User Stats
Xibalba @ ssh://
The Cybernetic Brain

The Cybernetic Brain

The Cybernetic Brain
by Andrew Pickering

A two-part discussion of the book by General Intellect Unit.

The Cybernetic Brain, Part 1: Ontological Theatre
The Cybernetic Brain, Part 2: Stafford Beer

They also have an interview with the author.

The Cybernetic Brain explores a largely forgotten group of British thinkers, including Grey Walter, Ross Ashby, Gregory Bateson, R. D. Laing, Stafford Beer, and Gordon Pask, and their singular work in a dazzling array of fields.

What underpins this fascinating history, Pickering contends, is a shared but unconventional vision of the world as ultimately unknowable, a place where genuine novelty is always emerging. And thus, Pickering avers, the history of cybernetics provides us with an imaginative model of open-ended experimentation in stark opposition to the modern urge to achieve domination over nature and each other.