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by Annalee Newitz

Break open a bottle of Club-Mate and settle in for a world where Big Pharma controls our lives and indentured services are the norm. Autonomous shows us how important open access to science really is. It describes a world where we lose our freedoms when the patent system is used to claim property over life saving therapies and drugs, allowing only the rich to prosper and survive.

The book touches on gender and sexual identity and explores what love may be like in this not-too-distant future. In addition, it exemplifies what it means to have privacy and how truly important that is. The tech is inspiring and the molecular engineering even more so …

A dull green glow emerged in streaks on the walls as bacterial colonies awoke to illuminate her way. Jack came to a stop beneath a coil of ceiling ducts. A command line window materialized helpfully at eye level, its photons organized into the shape of a screen by thousands of projectors circulating in the air. With a swipe, she pulled up the navigation system …

Here is a great review by NPR.

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